Ribbon Key Fob Tutorial

Here is a simple project that doesn't require much sewing or cost much in supplies. This is a great project to make for friends, gifts, busy moms, new drivers, etc! There are so many cute ribbon choices out there you will be able to make each key fob unique!

10 inches - 1” nylon webbing
10 inches - 7/8” ribbon
1- 1” Key keeper strap end (I bought mine here)
1- Split ring
10 inches Stich Witchery
hammer or rubber mallet

Step 1:
Cut 10” of nylon webbing & 10” of ribbon.

Step 2:
I like to iron a 10” Strip of Stitch Witchery in-between the webbing and the ribbon. This helps the ribbon to lay flat and not wrinkle after the key fob is finished and holds it in place while you sew. If you choose to not use Stitch Witchery, pin the ribbon in place so it stays centered on the webbing and doesn’t slip while you sew it in place.

Step 3:
Sew down both sides of the ribbon, securing it to the webbing.

Step 4:
This is the trickiest part of the whole project! You want to keep the key keeper centered and lined up on the webbing as you hammer it closed. So, fold the ribbon/webbing strip in half and slide it in-between the teeth of the key keeper. Place both parts on a hard surface and softly begin to tap the key keeper close. Do a few taps on one side, flip it over and check to make sure everything is still lined up, hammer a little more, check and continue to hammer until the key keeper is completely closed around the end of the webbing/ribbon.

Step 5:
Hook the split ring to the end of the key fob and enjoy! If you want to see more designs check out my Etsy shop!

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