Creamy Chicken Rice Soup

I tried this new soup recipe last night for dinner and I loved it! It was also a big hit with my husband and 21 month old so it's going to go into my recipe binder to make many more times. Winter finally hit Montana this week with some snow yesterday and lots of wind. This was the perfect meal to make on a cold winter night. I plan on making it again, next time we want a warm, comforting meal. And, best of all, it is really quick and easy to make. I think it took me maybe 30 minutes to trow it together. Read more »

Apple Breakfast Bars

It seems like I get stuck in a rut a lot when it comes to nutritious snacks for my 18 month old. While it seems like she is content eating bananas and sting cheese for every snack, I have the urge to be more creative in what I serve her! So, as I searched online and on Pinterest, I ran across this recipe, from Wholesome Toddler Food, for Apple Breakfast Bars. All the ingredients looked healthy and looked like something my little girl would eat so, I decided to give it a try. Read more »

Crock Pot Oatmeal

Crock Pot Oatmeal

1 Cup Steel Cut Oats (don’t substitute old-fashioned or quick cooking oats)
3 ½ Cups water
½ Cup Whole Milk (or ½ and ½)
½ tsp Salt
Cooking spray

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Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes

Check out this super easy and tasty recipe I pinned on Pinterest. It’s a recipe from BigRedKitchen.

My favorite part about these cupcakes (besides its yummy-ness) is that they only require 2 ingredients. Yes... I said only 2! They turned out so moist and were the perfect fall treat.

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Pinterest Love

I loooooove Pinterest. Have you checked it out yet? If not, you need to. Right now!... No wait… finish reading why you should join and how you can follow my boards and then go, go, go. It is the perfect way to save all your ideas, recipes and blogs that you come across on the internet. When I first heard about Pinterest, I was kind of hesitant. (I’ve also been hesitant joining Twitter so maybe that’ll be the next thing I sign up for!) I didn’t want to have another site to stay up on, remember a password to or waste time on. Oh, so wrong.

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