Pom Pom Flowers Tutorial

How cute are these?! I’m a part of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and am on a team that’s in charge of decorating the tables for our meetings. I came across a few different pictures of pom pom flowers on Pinterest and thought they’d be a perfect fit for our table centerpieces. They are super easy to make and look really cute! I snapped a few pictures along the way to show you how to make them.

You will need the following supplies:
Scissors – sharp sewing scissors or a good regular pair makes this project much easier
Hot glue gun
Wire flower stem

1. Begin by wrapping the yarn around your fingers. I used about 3 fingers width to make the pompom flower at the top. The fewer fingers you wrap around, the smaller the pompom will turn out.

For this pompom, I wrapped the yarn around my fingers about 100 times. The first one I made, I wrapped the yarn about 50 times and I found it didn’t turn out very full and poofy in the end. But, feel free to experiment with the number of times you wrap the yarn to make the fullness of the pom pom to your liking. I also found that it depending on the yarn I used. Thinner yarn needed to be wrapped around my fingers more times than the thicker yarn did.

2. After your done wrapping the yarn, cut it free from the skein. Slide the yarn off your fingers and lay it on the table. Cut a separate piece of yarn about 4-6 inches long and tie it (with a double knot) around the center of your yarn loops.

3. Slide your scissors in the center of the loops and cut apart. This is what creates the poof .

4. Trim around the pompom to even out uneven yarn and make your pompom nice and round.

5. Hot glue the wire stem into the center of the pompom. (not pictured)

6. Put the flower in a cute vase and you're done! Enjoy!

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