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I loooooove Pinterest. Have you checked it out yet? If not, you need to. Right now!... No wait… finish reading why you should join and how you can follow my boards and then go, go, go. It is the perfect way to save all your ideas, recipes and blogs that you come across on the internet. When I first heard about Pinterest, I was kind of hesitant. (I’ve also been hesitant joining Twitter so maybe that’ll be the next thing I sign up for!) I didn’t want to have another site to stay up on, remember a password to or waste time on. Oh, so wrong.

Well, I gave it a chance and started “pinning” ideas I came across online and I got hooked! I have always loved browsing Etsy shops, craft websites and surfing the web for good craft tutorials. And, when I would come across something pretty that I liked I would usually do a screen capture of it (shift-open apple-4, if you’re a Mac user like me) or I would save it as a bookmark. Well, my desktop got crowded and my bookmark list got long. I’d have to open up each screen capture file to see what exactly I’d captured or click through all my bookmarks to remember what it was I liked on that site.

Yikes! Where is the file I need?

Not any more with Pintereset! Here I can create my boards and label them with my topics I am going to be pinning to them. (Pinning = saving a picture or a link to your account)

Then, as I come across fun ideas online I just pin them to that board. I’m so organized, so now when naptime comes for little E and I want to whip up a project or recipe, I just go to my “recipe” board, “to make” board or “like” board and see what ideas I have collected….all in one place. If only the rest of my life could be that organized!

Above is my “dresser” board. I am collecting ideas for an old dresser I want to refinish. More how to’s, befores and afters to come on that. Wish me luck!

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