Organizing Sewing Patterns

How do you guys organize all your patterns? It seems like I've ended up with a lot of pdf patterns that I've bought online and printed off. I also have pattern pieces floating all around. I needed something more organized and an easy way to look up the pattern I was wanting to sew. I also needed a way to contain my patterns neatly (and kind of hidden) so my 2 year old daughter would quit pulling out a page here and there and spreading them through out the house!

Here's a couple before shots of my messy pile of patterns. Yuck!

Here's how I decided to organize my patterns. I bought 2 cute binders from Target along with sheet protectors and page dividers. I wanted one binder for my quilting patterns and one binder for the rest of my patterns (bags, pouches, pillows, etc...).

I divided out my patterns into the two binders mentioned above. Each page of the pattern went into its own sheet protector. This will make it so nice when I'm flipping between steps of the pattern.

All the cut out pattern pieces for each pattern went into a sheet protector together.

Next, I labeled all the tabs. My quilting binder didn't have dividing tabs but my sewing binder had several: Bags, Pouches, Baby, Household, Pets.

Finished! I had some press on letters left from a project a looong time ago that worked great to label the spines of my binders. It's so easy to find the pattern I'm looking for now. It makes it more fun to sew when everything is organized and easy to use!


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