Good and bad fabrics for babies

Unbeknownst to a lot of parents is that some fabrics, no matter how new or clean, can actually be hazardous for babies. Since this site is an advocate to DIY crafts for the little ones, it will be a good idea to inform parents which fabrics are relatively safe and which ones can be harmful to use in making personalized items for babies. 


Fur is a widely-used material in making fashionable clothing for adults. However, a lot of experts agree with not using it when making any baby apparel. Fur fibers can easily be pulled and sucked by babies. When this happens, they could choke. In addition, there are some babies whose allergies react violently to fur so wearing them around other children may pose danger. 

A lot of experts assert that the manufacturing of vinyl involves harmful chemicals that can be transferred to the skin when used. Since the baby skin is very sensitive, parents must take extra caution in using vinyl as fabric. According to Green Building Advisor, vinyl production has high amounts of chlorine that makes it hazardous for babies. In addition, The Daily Green says that merely inhaling a material made from vinyl can have serious health risks. The Daily Green’s statement is backed up by a study conducted by a Virginia-based organization called Center for Health, Environment, and Justice

Silk doesn’t pose much problem compared to fur and vinyl. It’s also nice on the skin and can look fabulous at events. However, silk is very hard to wash. Since babies become dirty on a regular basis, using this fabric isn’t very practical especially if the DIY craft will be used by infants on a daily basis. 

This is a very good fabric to use since it is soft, can easily be washed, and also gentle on baby skin. When buying cotton fabric, check if it’s mixed with other components. Parents should always be informed through labels, as one would find in Marks and Spencer's site when browsing infant clothes. A 100% cotton fabric is what’s usually used in making baby apparel. 

When using cotton fabric, make sure to wash it first and dry before using. Cotton shrinks a bit when it’s washed for the first time so if one is planning to make baby clothes from it, clean it with soap and water first. 

Cotton-Polyester Mix 
A cotton-polyester mix is a safe and practical choice of fabric since it doesn’t wrinkle easily compared to 100% cotton textile. Cotton-polyester also doesn’t shrink during its first wash and costs cheaper than pure cotton fabric. 

Fleece is great in making baby blankets since it’s very warm. It’s also great for using as fillers. The material dries quickly and stains can easily be removed from it. It’s really very easy to maintain. 

Remember, the safety and comfort of babies take priority. Know the best material first before starting to make DIY crafts and be sure to check labels for possible harmful contents for babies. 

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