Etched Heart Jar Tutorial

Valentine's Day is less than a month away! I wanted to create something to store our Valentine's Day candy hearts in that was both functional and decorative. This cute little jar doesn't take too much time to whip up. And, once you learn how to do glass etching you can use it on so many things. I've etched vases and wine glasses so far and have seen ideas for etched casserole dishes so you always get your pan back after a pot luck.

Armour Etch (found at Michael's)
Reusable blank stencil (sold right next to the Armour Etch)
Exato knife
Paint brush

1. Cut a heart shape out of your stencil material. The blank stencil is made up of 2 layers. The top layer is the re-usable, re-stickable layer that you'll apply to the glass and the second layer is a plastic backing. You need to cut through at least the top layer. I usually just cut through both layers.

2. Apply the stencil to the glass jar. It doesn't require anything, like water or glue, to stick to the glass. Just make sure it's on there smooth and without any bubbles or creases that the etching cream could seep in to.

3. Using a small paintbrush, apply a thick layer of Armour Etch to the glass. Do horizontal and vertical strokes to make sure the glass is completely covered with the etching cream. Be careful to not brush any outside of the stencil. The glass will be etched where ever the cream is.

4. Leave the etching cream on for 5 minutes. (This is according to the directions on the back of Armour Etch. If you have a different brand, check the directions for the right amount of time.)

5. Wash off with tap water, making sure to wash all the etching cream off.

6. Remove stencil.

7. Clean & dry the jar.

8. Fill with yummy candy hearts!

I think when Valentine's Day is over I'm going to continue using the jar to store my coffee in. It looks so cute next to my other canisters, I want to leave it out past February 14th!

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My friend made one of thse, except it was a "treat" jar for her dog. Super cute!Lauren @