DIY Initial Artwork

I think this is my favorite piece of do it yourself artwork in our house. I have several diy pieces of art around our house that I'll show you later. I originally saw this idea on an early Young House Love's blog post and fell in love with it. It was simple to make, didn't cost very much, looks classy and made our bedroom art more personalized. The "M" is very engineer looking (for my husband's side of the bed) and the "S" is curly and artistic looking (for my side of the bed).

I went to Google Images to find the "M" and the American Sign Language alphabet. The "S" is from a font that I downloaded from I love fonts and I think is one of my favorite (free) places to download them from!

Anyway, back to the project... I copied and pasted the M and ASL alphabet into Illustrator (a favorite program of mine!). I then created vector images out of both files. That allowed me to enlarge the letters to any size without them getting distorted. The "M" was resized to fit the 5x7" frames I had. I pulled the "a", "n" and "d" hand signs out of the alphabet and placed them next to each other in a 5x7" document. Finally, I typed "S" into the third file, using my curly font. I printed them out on cardstock, using my home printer. I then cut them to fit my frames, placed them behind the glass and hung them up. Ta da! I love them!

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