Create Your Own Font

How cool is this?! This is a picture of my handwriting turned into a font. It is so simple and easy to do! Check out: to make your own. All you need to do is print out the template, fill it in with your own handwriting and scan it back onto your computer. When you upload your handwriting to the site, it is turned into vectors and you are left with a font file to install on your computer. You can then be creative and use your font in any programs you normally use. If you would like to download my font click the link below. Enjoy!


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I've heard of this before and I was thinking it would be really handy to make fonts with my girls' handwritting so I could just type out their birthday thank you cards instead of nagging them to get them all handwritten. :)  I know, it's cheating so I can't do it, but it is tempting...Tanya C.

Haha! Good idea. It would be easier!