Baby Bib with Snaps Tutorial

It seems like it is the season for baby showers! I had a couple baby showers to go to a few weeks ago, have another one here in a couple more weeks and have a couple friends that just found out they have babies on the way. This baby bib tutorial is an easy gift to sew for baby shower gifts or your own little one. These bibs are super absorbant because they are backed with terry cloth. The snap closure also helps them stay put on your baby when they learn how to rip the velcro bibs off! 

Baby bib template (click to download)
10" x 12" Terry cloth
10" x 12" Patterned fabric
1 set of snaps
Snap pliers
Sewing machine

Step 1:
Trace baby bib template onto your terry cloth and fabric. (not pictured)

Step 2:
Lay the terry cloth and fabric right sides together and pin in place. Use lots of pins to hold the pieces together as you sew around the curves of the bib. 

Step 3:
Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew around the bib. Use a walking foot if you have one for your machine. It makes it easier to keep the pieces together as you sew... the terry cloth likes to stretch out of place. If you don't have a walking foot make sure you go slow and use lots of pins.

Step 4:
Leave a 2 inch gap in your seam at the bottom of the bib. This is the hole that you will turn the bib right sides out.

Step 5:
Turn bib right side out. Use the end of a pencil or a chop stick to push the ends of the bib straps out. (not pictured)

Step 6:
Iron the bib flat and pin the opening shut.

Step 7:
Top stitch all the way around the bib about and 1/8" away from the edge of the bib. Your baby bib is almost finished! Now it's time to install the snaps.

Step 8:
The picture above shows which piece goes in the top and bottom of the snap pliers. The colored decorative prong gets put into the bottom rubber ring with the smooth side down/ pointy side up. The socket goes in the top rubber ring with the raised side pointing out. Squeeze the pliers really, really hard onto the right strap of the bib. Make sure the the colored portion of the snap is on the top patterned piece of the bib. And again, squeeze hard to get the snap securley placed on the bib.

Step 9:
Time for the other side. the stud piece goes into the bottom rubber ring with the raised side down. The prong piece goes in the top rubber ring with the prongs pointing out.

Step 10:
Squeeze it really hard to get it to attach to the left side of the bib.

Here are the snaps installed on the bib! That wasn't too hard was it?! Sometimes if the top and bottom portion of the snap don't seem like they got squeezed together all the way, I'll take a needle nose pliers and pinch them together just to make sure they won't seperate when I start using the bib.

Your bib is complete! Now it's time to wrap it up and give it to a friend of try it out on your kiddo!

Want to check out some of my other bib and burp cloth designs/ color choices?! Check them out in my Shop.

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These baby bibs are extremely absorbant because they are supported with terry more